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Graduate School of Education, Dalian University of Technology is an institution in teaching, research and policy-making consultancy directly subordinate to Dalian University of Technology. It is mainly engaged in disciplinary construction, scientific research and postgraduate education in the science of higher education, directly serving research on DUT development and providing policy-making consultancy for national and regional development of higher education. Professor Zhang Dexiang, dean of Graduate School of Education is a renowned educational expert in China, vice-chairman of Chinese Higher Education Institute, vice-chairman of Chinese Institute of Educational Development Strategy, honorary chairman of Higher Education Instituteof Liaoning Province.

    In the past 35 years, DUT has made great strides forward in the higher education research. Especially in recent years, with the vigorous support of DUT and under the efficient leadership of Professor Zhang Dexiang, the development of the Institute of Higher Education has been pulled on the right and fast track. Adhering to “strengthening ourselves, taking the lead, being high-caliber and representative” and keeping pace with the leading edge of the science of higher education, the national and regional higher education development and the reform and development of DUT, Graduate School of Education has taken a great leap in manifold areas, such as disciplinary construction, scientific research, high-level talent cultivation as well as service for national strategies and DUT development, thus becoming an institute of higher education that has a domestic influence and an international voice with its academic ranking among the top.

    Currently, the institute has formed a high-caliber and united research team led by Professor Zhang Dexiang that is reasonably structured and composed of full-time and part-time professionals with 1 doctoral program, 3 Master programs, 1 provincial key discipline, 1 provincial key research base, 56 doctoral students and 60 postgraduates. Over 200 postgraduates have graduated from this institute. In 2013, its pedagogy ranked the second among liberal arts in discipline rankingassessment in DUT and Professor Zhang Dexiang was among the 30 scholars nationwide awarded the title of “scholars working in the field of higher education for over 30 years with significant contribution to higher education research”.

    In the past five years, the institute has completed more than 20 research projects at state, ministerial and provincial levels, including state key research projects in philosophy and social sciences, projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, state key planned projects of educational science, projects in humanities and social sciences funded by the Ministry of Education, key projects of Liaoning educational planning and so on. Among these projects, the statekey project “research on restriction and supervision system of internal power operation in colleges and universities” headed by Professor Zhang Dexiang is the first state key project in philosophy and social sciences in DUT.

    The Graduate School of Education has made a host of high-level achievements in scientific research, several of which have been awarded national and provincial prizes for outstanding achievements. According to the latest statistical report on research papers of higher education of colleges and universities nationwide published by China higher Education Research, the number of research papers published by DUT researchers in the domestic core journals of higher education ranked 17th in 2014.

    The Graduate School of Education has attached great importance to the state education policies as well as DUT development. Especially in recent years, serving the state strategic demands and taking charge of research on major and key problems in terms of mid- and long-term national development strategies of higher education, Institute of Higher Education has contributed its due share to the national higher education development, DUT development research as well as policy-making consultancy.