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Institute of Higher Education Quality Evaluation


Introduction to the Institute of Higher Education Quality and Evaluation


The Center of Higher Education Quality and Evaluation, a research division affiliated to the Graduate School of Education, Dalian University of Technology, focuses on theoretical researches on quality assurance, measurement and evaluation of education. The Center is committed to cultivating the talents in the fields of quality assurance, measurement and evaluation of education, and providing relevant services for research organizations and higher learning institutions.

The Institute comprises four faculty members, including two professors, one associate professor and one lecturer.

Research Directions:

1.      fundamental theories on evaluation and measurement of education

fundamental theories of education evaluation

modes of education measurement

world-class universities and world-class disciplines

2.      education evaluation and quality management

theories and methods of education evaluation

insitutional evaluation

professional evaluation

program evaluation and performance assessment

theories and methods of quality management.

3.      teacher/student evaluation

institution and policy of education evaluation

academic evaluation and performance assessment of teacher

quality control of classroom teaching

evaluation of students’ learning effect

4.      discipline evaluation and performance evaluation

system of discipline evaluation

international discipline comparison

modes and indicator of discipline performance review

institution performance evaluation and so on.

5.      Social Network Analysis and simulation

Social Capital Theory and Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis of college governance and power structure

multi-agent simulation modes of higher education policy


Faculty Member

Director: Prof. Jiang Hua

Members: Prof. Zhu Hong

Associate Professor Li Chong

Dr. Su Yongjian.