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Institute of International Comparative Higher Education

Introduction to the Institute of Comparative and International Higher Education

The Institute of Comparative and International Higher Education, a research division affiliated to Graduate School of Education, Dalian University of Technology, focuses on important issues concerning higher education in a comparative international perspective. The Center is committed to exploring differences and similarities of higher education across borders and their interaction with politics, economy and society, keeping pace with research frontiers and trends of international higher education. To shed light upon the rational development of Chinese higher education, the Center highlights the integration of successful trials and practices abroad with Chinese context besides the introduction of updated achievements and information of overseas higher educational development and reforms. The Center aims to cultivate high level researchers and practioners with global perspectives through specially tailored classroom instruction, lectures and academic exchanges.

The Center comprises three faculty members, including two professors and one lecturer. All the members have rich experience of studying and/or working overseas.


Research Directions:

1. Internationalization of higher education

Internationalization of college and university curriculum

Internationalization of academic profession

Transnational higher education

Cooperation and exchange of global and regional higher education

Development strategy of internationalization of college and university

2. Comparative study of higher education between China and Japan

Higher education system and policy in China and Japan;

Academic profession development in China and Japan;

College and university curriculum in China and Japan;

Interaction between university and society

Construction of world-class disciplines

3. Comparative study of higher education between China and the U.S.

Higher education system and policy in China and the U.S.;

Higher education and regional development in China and the U.S.

Higher education structure in China and the U.S.

University organization and management in China and the U.S.

Faculty Member

Director: Prof. Huang Futao

Members: Prof. Zhang Xiuping

         Dr. Han Mengjie