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Institute of Higher Education Policy and Administration

Introduction to the Institute of Higher Education Policy and Management


The Institute of Higher Education Policy and Management, a research division affiliated of the Graduate School of Education, Dalian University of Technology, focuses on significant issues and frontier theories of national, regional or organizational levels in the fields of higher education management and policy, by conducting researches and fostering high-level talents. The Center is committed to providing theoretical support, policy consultation and intellectual support for the development and management of national or regional higher education institutions.

The Institute comprises five faculty members, including three professors, one associate professor and one lecturer.


Research Directions:

1.Higher education system and policy

higher education governance system

higher education development model and strategy,

dynamic monitoring and optimization of higher education structure

allocation of higher education resources

analysis of higher education system and higher education policy, etc..

2.University management

fundamental theory of university organization and management

structure and mechanism of university governance

university competitiveness and strategic management

university organizational reform and innovation

university teaching and learning, scientific research management

university faculty development

student management

university resource allocation

cost- effectiveness, institutional research

3.Regional higher education strategy and policy

analysis of regional higher education policy

regional higher education competitiveness

higher education and regional development

university and urban development,

regional industry - university cooperative innovation


Faculty Member

Director: Prof. Chi Jingming

Member: Prof. Zhang Dexiang

    Prof. Song Dan

    Associate Prof. He Xiaofang

    Dr. Kang Le